The 'Freelance Fellowship' was originally a nickname for the diverse and talented collective of independent workers brought together by the agency Fourth Estate Creative to produce outstanding work for its clients.

As the agency has grown – and taken on more new clients and projects – we have decided to open up to a wider pool to find people with the right skills, knowledge and talent to help us do our best work while offering more.

We are looking for creative talent in writing, editing, design, photography, illustration, video, audio, web development, marketing and more. If you’d like to be on our books, please register or get in touch for more information.

Direct connection

Our freelancers work for us, not the end client. That means we work up clear briefs for you, negotiate client changes, always pay the same rates and - very importantly - we pay you as soon as you complete the work, so no more chasing invoices when you should be concentrating on what you're good at.

Diverse creativity

We work with a huge range of creatives with very different skills and expertise - from writers, editors and illustrators to web and app developers and videographers. If you need to connect with people with different skillsets, want advice or assistance we can put you in touch. We are a community.

Varied influence

Because all of our creatives also work with other private businesses and public sector organisations they are able to bring new ideas and new thinking to our approaches. We don't just tell you to do it our way. We want your suggestions - and you're always free to disagree and push us to do better work.

Dream teams

For each project we take on we are able to look at exactly the range of skills that are needed and assign a team of creatives tailor-made for the purpose to work remotely together. Everyone has their part to play and the opportunity to influence the project direction - there's no politics in our teams, just purpose.